Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Choc Reindeer!

This blog is 1 year old!

How time flies.

I started this blog exactly a year ago to commemorate a lovely birthday surprise organised by DS... and this year was just as lovely!

Ah Yat Seafood Gallery @ Shaw Tower

We had a combined birthday dinner celebration for Kong Kong and I.

Lots of yummy seafood... This place was a little crowded though.

We started with geoduck sashimi, SGD 114. the most expensive dish that day. I think we kena cheated cos the waitress purposely picked a geoduck that was very heavy for our table of only 6 people - 1.4 kg! I should have gone to the tanks to pick out my own.

We could either eat it sashimi style or cook it in a steamboat of herbal stock.

Actually it is very nice, crunchy and sweet, and just a hint of chewy texture. But, for SGD114, I think I will stick with prawns, thank you very much.

We then had each had one yummy abalone braised in thick sauce, with a choice of sea cucumber or goose web as accompaniment. So nice. I don't like to share my abalone! So glad DH ordered one serving each for everyone!

I also liked these bamboo clams, also 1 serving each. It is steamed with lots of garlic, just the way DH and I like it! They do it by slicing the flesh of the clam into large pieces so it retains it succulence and juiciness. Some other restaurants slice it more thinly, but then it would require more skill to cook it right.

Then some other thingies...

scallop in yam

seafood claypot

The chili mussels (half eaten) were the most worth it - SGD9 for a big plate!

Thanks DH for the birthday dinner!

Cutie loved playing around the fish tanks... seeing the fish and trying to catch them.

Birthday Cake @ Home

Then on the actual day, we had a birthday cake with lots of candles (haha, old already). Cutie had fun blowing out the candles and helping to cut the cake.

Kong Kong's birthday @ Home

Cutie likes this part best I believe.

Look at how engrossed he is in this photo, cutting Kong Kong's birthday cake.

Cutie's birthday is coming up soon, I will update you all on that shortly!


the hungry cow said...

Congrats and happy birthday!

Chocolate Reindeer said...

hungry cow: thank you thank you! that's really sweet.

mia said...

happy birthday!
oh and your cutie looks extremely cute when his dimple shows.

Chocolate Reindeer said...

Thanks Mia. You are a dearie!