Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Ship Restaurant @ Shaw Centre

PC brought a few of us girls to Shaw Centre to eat at one of her favourite restaurants.

Hmmm, you know, I have actually never ventured within Shaw Centre, save to eat at Kuriya once or twice. I never realised that there were so many shops here! How do they survive? They are like well-kept secrets from a forgotten age!

Anyhow, PC brought us to THE SHIP RESTAURANT (Shaw Centre, 2nd Floor), a Hainanese Western restaurant (like Jack's Place before it got refurbished and rebranded or like Shashlik). It serves predominantly western food (it even has carpetbagger steak on the menu), but we were here for one thing - the fish bee hoon soup.

This dish was seen on almost every table in the restaurant, a clear favourite among its regular patrons. PC eats this dish every single time she comes here for lunch! It's a lunchtime special, btw, and is not on the main menu.

The bee hoon came in this huge, deep bowl, filled to the brim with milky-hued stock. It was very aromatic, and I could taste the ginger and the depth of flavours in the soup stock. The thick white laksa bee hoon was smooth and slippery. Bee Hoon is usually asteless by itself, but when when I slurped up the bee hoon with the soup, I was in heaven. It was that comforting.

The fish was very crispy, almost like a har cheong kai (prawn paste chicken) made with fish. We all ordered the fish slices, but later decided to share an extra plate of fish head. That was a good choice. The fish head was even crispier, and was a large portion. I will order the fish head next time. Pictured here is the sliced fish (I ate one piece already... couldn't resist).

The set cost SGD12.90, and came with dessert and coffee or tea. The dessert of the day was longan with almond jelly which was not exceptional but was still rather welcome on a warm day. PC says they usually offer a slice of butter cake or marble cake instead. Well I much prefer the longan and almond jelly.

Hair Makeover

Remember, a few posts ago, I mentioned that I won a free makeover?

Well, the lady coloured my hair copper, and cut lots of layers ("for movement and style, my dear!"). DH didn't like it very much, so I have been very shy about it, although I have received very positive compliments from my colleagues (*blush* you are all too kind).

I usually keep my hair bunned up, since I am rather embarrassed by the comparatively loud colour (I've never coloured my hair before this, so I really am not used to this shade).

But that day, I decided to let my hair down (literally) and surprise, I found that my hair got slightly wavy where I had bunned it up.

I thought it looked pretty decent, and DS says that the curls are very feminine. DB says several of his female classmates in SMU have wavy hair like this. So, now my hair is feminine and young?! Ooh, I like!

What do you think?

PS: I am still shy, so the hair is still pretty much bunned up in the day.

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