Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dinner @ Old Airport Road Food Centre

Before DH left for New Orleans for his conference, we were supposed to visit a friend who had just delivered her third baby. Fortuituously, she texted us to say that she was too tired that day, so we decided to turn it into date night, and have a paktor dinner instead.

DH wanted to go somewhere nice but I was really craving hawker fare - the type of place that we seldom go to, the type of place that is usually not suitable for Cutie (due to the heat, humidity, hygiene).

Old Airport Road Food Centre, recently refurbished, is now brighter, cleaner and well ventilated. Parking attendants are very vigilant here. Be warned.

Stall 103 - Foo Chow Bak Chor Mee

DH's choice of Bak Chor mee (SGD6 with extras). It was foochow style, meaning that it came with fishballs filled with minced pork, pork balls, and minced pork.

Wow, this was SO tasty! Unbelievable.

The meatballs were so bouncy and tasted like it was mixed with some salted fish. The fish balls had meat filling inside, but were not dry, on the contrary they just burst with savoury filling and soup. Like fishball xiao long baos!

DH ordered an extra portion of soup so that I could have my own bowl instead of stealing from his.

Stall No. 98 - Whitley Prawn Noodles

My own choice of prawn noodles (SGD5 for an upsized portion with large prawns). It was ok. Not as tasty as the bak chor mee. The noodles were a bit clumpy and I didn't find the soup stock very sweet.

Maybe it was just me. There are lots of accolades pasted on the glass frontage of the shop.

Stall No. 98 - Rojak

This rojak stall is very high tech. It has an electronic numbering system like the one at Cutie's paediatrician. So when your number is flashed you go up and order and collect. No need to stand in line.

It was very nice. SGD2, but a generous portion, and the tau poks and the you tiao bits were hot and crispy.

I like date night! If only they occurred more than once in a dark blue moon!

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