Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dinner @ Por Por's

Another sumptious dinner at Por Por's place.

DH and I are very grateful to Por Por (aka DM), who takes good care of Cutie in the day (twice a week) and also cooks a wonderful dinner for the whole family - soup, fish, meat, vegetables.

Salmon with crispy garlic

DM says this dish is really easy to make.

Salmon fillet is first panfried. Don't add too much oil, just enough to stop the fish from sticking the base of the pan. Salmon is an oily fish and oozes lots of oil.

I've tried replicating this dish before, but found that my garlic was burnt instead of it being so crispy here.

So the secret to getting crispy garlic is this - cook the garlic over medium to low heat. High heat causes the garlic to burn. Stir it gently and lovingly and it will slowly brown to a lovely golden crisp. DM cooks the garlic in the fish oil from the salmon. DM adds some bits of chili padi to the garlic for added zing!

There. A wonderful dish from DM.

Chicken Chop with Onions and Potatoes

This dish reminds me of the hainanese chicken chop, except it's not deep fried.

It is my DM's take on Chinese western food. It is adapted from my own Por Por's (ie DM's mom's) secret recipe, which uses pork. DM isn't too fond of pork, so we eat lots of chicken at DM's house.

Slices of potato (like potato chips you see), topped with rings of onion, and then the delicious chicken chop.

I'll see if DM will part with her recipes, and if she does, I will post them up!

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