Monday, October 01, 2007

Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Hotel

We ate at Pan Pacific Hotel again! Hee hee.

DH generously took me, Cutie, Por Por, Kong Kong, Yee Yee and Jiu Jiu (ie my whole family save for DBiL who had something on) to Keyaki Japanese Restaurant (4th floor, Pan Pacific Hotel).

After perusing the menu, we all opted for the 7-course kaiseki set meal (SGD90 per pax) with several choices for each course. We all sat around the L-shaped sushi bar, which was great fun! The sushi bar is an intimate seating area away from the main hall, so we took up the entire area. Haha.

All in all, I loved the dinner tonight, surrounded by my closest and dearest, having a great time sharing our choices, and reviewing each item. Hmmm, I think it would have been a better idea to come for the lunch buffet though. It's more value for money (SGD58 ala carte buffet).

My sashimi choice - Hamachi (yellowtail). It was fresh but not as thick as I would have liked. These days, my palate has been spoilt by excessively good Japanese food. So I am much more discerning (and fussy!). It was otherwise very good, and I liked how they served fresh wasabi, and the various condiments (shiso leaf, purple petals, green petals dunno what they are called but it's so elegant right, and they do smell nice when you add them to the soya sauce).

DH's choice of amaebi (sweet prawn) was very very good. Better than mine in fact. Good prawn sashimi isn't dependent on the chef's slicing technique only on the quality and freshness of the prawn. No complaints here on that score.

My choice of grilled konnyaku (yam jelly) with miso paste was the best of the lot. DB (ie Jiu Jiu) ordered some grated mountain yam with tuna dish (which came with a raw quail's egg on top) which he could hardly eat! It was just a tad too slimy!
DH and DS both ordered this seasoned black squid starter. DH liked it and helped to finish DS' share as well. I think it's an acquired taste. DH has ordered this before and really likes it. I don't really care for it though.

Yakimono - Grilled item

Again, I was very pleased with my choice of grilled pacific saury (pike mackerel). It was the best value option ok! It was a whole fish, and it was huge enough for everyone to try some. The flesh was oily and tender and quite sweet and delicate. I added just a little squeeze of lemon and gobbled this whole thing down very quickly. I almost chose the grilled beef skewers (2 skewers per serving) but luckily DH encouraged me to try this instead. I think DS had the beef, and it was not bad also.

DH's choice of grilled teriyaki cod - slightly sweet, crispy on the outside, tender flakey flesh on the inside. Good (but I still prefer my pacific saury!).

My choice of stuffed crabmeat in crabshell was interesting. Minced crabmeat which was lightly crumbed, then fried. Quite nice, but a bit disappointing cos of the small portion.

DH's choice of tempura moriwase - was a great choice, both in terms of visual appeal and in terms of value. So many items - mushroom, prawn, fish etc - and all were very good.

We had a choice of steamed dishes next - but most of us took chawanmushi. Didn't take a photo of that, since we all know what chawanmushi looks like. I had it the last time I was here anyway.

Our chef, Sato-san, busy at work plating all of our sushi choices. I think he really liked having Cutie around. Cutie tried to mimic Sato-san when Sato-san clapped his hands twice, it meant that the sushi was ready and that the waiters should come and collect. So Cutie kept clapping his hands and saying "Auntie, food ready!".

My sushi selection. I liked the salmon best. Followed by the ika. Can't remember what the other 2 were.
After sushi, we had a choice of either fruit or ice-cream (I had macha ice cream of course). Lovely!

Cutie likes coming here because of the friendly waiters, and the fact that they decorate the place with raccoons. He'd say: "Raccoon where? See raccoon? Big raccoon? Please?" To be honest though, I am not even sure if this animal is really a raccoon. Haha.

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