Monday, October 01, 2007

Buffet @ Conrad International Hotel

I was invited to attend a high tea at Conrad Hotel.

It was really fun, with lots of beautiful ladies. I also won a free makeover session on that day, which accounts for my change of hairstyle, hair colour (copper!) and clothes. All free. So lucky!

A and A, both lovely ladies, did a great job hosting the event. They were so entertaining! Mrs K was such a good sport, she really smoked up the dance floor when she was invited up on stage to be serenaded. You go, girl!

There also was a pretty good buffet selection. The lovely part was that my table was served, instead of having to take our own food.

See how nicely everything is arranged! I liked the dry mee siam (extreme right) and the fried carrot cake (extreme left), but found them a little too salty for my tastes.

The dessert selection was extensive and delicious. My favourite was the refreshing aloe vera fruit jelly (in the shotglass).

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