Monday, October 01, 2007

Global Kitchen @ Pan Pacific Hotel

DH and I have the Pan Pacific dining privileges card, which is about to expire. So, we had to maximise our use of this card by coming to Pan Pacific to eat all weekend. Haha.

When we arrived at Global Kitchen (3rd Floor, Pan Pacific Hotel), we had exactly 40 dining dollars left on the card. Which means we have to eat exactly 80 dollars worth of food to maximise our discount. We could use the dining dollars to redeem up to 50% of our total bill you see.

Don't be misled by the name, this restaurant is not a little kitchen where food is cheap or plentiful. This is one of those very chi-chi, haute cuisine, fine-dining type of restaurant where everything is served on crisp linen, fine porcelain and by very well-dressed, eloquent waiters.

Lobster cappucino with blue spinner crab tortellini (SGD11.50) - This was a half portion. DH and I decided to share this soup starter because we weren't very hungry. We both had a huge buffet lunch earlier that day. The waitstaff thoughtfully separated the soup into 2 beautiful bowls, which was already a very substantive portion. The soup was very robust and flavourful. It had depth of flavour, such that with each mouthful I savoured, I found myself appreciating the soup more and more. The tortellini was smooth and filled to bursting with tender crab meat. They also added some pungent herb to the crabmeat (I think it was either coriander or parsley), which I didn't really enjoy but DH did. I must add, I just find the name a little pretentious though. Cappucino?!

My main of herb-crusted lamb cutlets with mashed potato and baby bok choy (SGD27.50) - I was actually tempted by something else on the menu, pan-seared scallops with truffle risotto which was a dish by a celebrity chef (as opposed to the local chef), but that cost SGD36, and I thought this was more value for money. It was a good choice. The lamb was tender and crusted with something crispy (like oats actually... you know, the oatmeal prawns we have in zi char restaurants?). The mash was flavourful. All in all, a good, solid meal.

DH's main of poached wagyu beef on a bed of azuki beans and some veg (SGD45) - now, this dish was presented by a celebrity chef, and as you can tell, the ingredients are more classy too. I was a bit skeptical - poached wagyu? This fatty beef should be seared or grilled to bring out the fattiness, add some smokiness. Well, it was very nice nevertheless. Very very tender of course, and flavourful. DH cut me a slice, and I gobbled it up in half a second.

Cutie said: Take Knife. Cut bread for Mommy. Mommy Eat?

Cutie joined us at the table, of course. He has been to more fine dining restaurants at the age of 22 months than his mother has been. The waitstaff kindly provided Cutie with his own set of cutlery, and a slice of homemade herb bread, which Cutie promptly dissected.

Cutie: Clap Clap. Daddy, clap! Clap for me! Well Done!

We always praise Cutie when he does something clever. I just believe in encouraging him, and using positive reinforcement to teach him. So, we said Cutie was clever when he managed to sit with us at the table, and when he successfully cut the bread himself. Cutie was so pleased, can you tell? Cutie genuinely responds better to praise. He will look around the table and call out to the person who is not clapping, and specifically tell that person to clap for him.

When we tallied the bill, I was pleasantly surprised to see that we managed to total up exactly SGD84, which was very close to our targetted amount. I expressed my delight to DH, who replied drily: "It would have been better if we ate 4 dollars less." -_-

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