Monday, October 01, 2007

Kia Hiang Hokkien Restaurant @ International Plaza

I was in the area and a friend of mine brought me here for lunch.

Kia Hiang Hokkien Restaurant (2nd floor, international plaza) was surprisingly very crowded when we arrived, with more Japanese salarymen than locals. We waited for a few minutes before being shown to our table. The table next to us was apologetically told not to linger over their tea as "there are people waiting for the table". (hahaha!)

We ordered the claypot chicken (SGD12) - which was pretty good value for money. It was at least half a chicken, and very substantial. It came bubbling hot and exuded a very appetising aroma. The chicken was tender and almost falling off the bone. It had absorbed all the delicious sauce it was simmered in and was therefore most tasty. The cabbage wrapping the chicken was also soft and tender, particularly suitable for any geriatric with no teeth.

Prawn Roll (SGD 2 each) - Honestly, I was expecting a Hokkien ngo hiang (chopped prawn, pork and water chestnut wrapped in a beancurd roll). This was a deep fried crispy prawn roll, similar to a dimsum item and served with a wasabi mayo dip. It was interesting, but I didn't think it was worth the money.

Nevertheless, I didn't pay for lunch. And I enjoyed the company very much. Thanks for lunch AA!

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