Monday, June 18, 2007

Lao You Ji @ 245 Outram Road

This place is an air-conditioned coffee shop that serves live seafood, tze char and steamboat.

Many places around this area have the same business model, but I like this place because the food is fantastic and fresh, the service is cheerful and polite, and the place is clean and air-conditioned. I don't think my criteria is very stringent. But, if a place meets only 2 out of the 3 factors mentioned above, it has to compensate by being outstanding in the other 2 areas. What about places with only 1 out of 3? That is a failing grade, and therefore the restaurant shall not be considered worthy.

Steamed frogs' legs in chicken essence (SGD18 for a small serving). Hmmm, only 1 bottle of essence, but this was very tasty nonetheless. It was slightly less tender than the Sin Huat version, but the gravy was somehow sweeter because there was the addition of some ginger and I think, some Chinese rice wine.

Steamed Large Bamboo Clams with garlic (SGD 10 each). This clam is much bigger than the other species of bamboo clams commonly served at seafood restaurants (those typically cost SGD8.80 elsewhere but only SGD8 here). These were great, chewy and tender, like very good squid. The addition of some mung bean vermicelli (tung hoon) on the top was a little unique, but it was good, as it soaked up the flavoursome clam juices, and was delicious.

Steamed Fish head with Sticky Red Sauce (SGD14). I am not sure what this sauce really is, but it tasted very savoury and fragrant with garlic. There was also some vinegar I think. It reminded me of that dish of braised lamb ribs which I had in a mainland Chinese restaurant.

So, this was yet another affordable and yummy meal.

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Corazon said...

wow i really have to try this!so delish!i will be goin there with my family this weekend. thanks for sharing your experience!