Monday, June 11, 2007

Sin Huat Eating House @ Geylang Lor 35

I used to come to Sin Huat Eating House (Geylang Lor 35) with late my father in law for braised duck and turtle soup (which are both really good!). I didn't realise this dingy coffeeshop housed the famous crab bee hoon place as well.

I have resisted coming here despite reading rave reviews about the delectable crab bee hoon because I have also heard horror stories about the eccentric chef who has no menus (or fixed prices), who makes you wait, and who does not serve you if you order from the braised duck or turtle soup guys. Is it merely urban legend?

But Anthony Bourdain has been here! Every foodblogger worth his salt has been here!

So despite my misgivings, I ventured here with trepidation and am pleased to report that the chef was not as rude as I imagined he would be. He was a little bossy when he recommended food that we should order, which ended up with us having a little too much food. That is alright, as the food was really very good.

After a short wait of about 15 minutes (fortunately, the place was not crowded - there were about 6-7 tables of people with only 1 other table waiting for their food when I arrived on a weekday).

First up, fresh scallops in black bean and garlic sauce (SGD 25). These are live scallops, served on their shells, and were much sweeter than the frozen scallops you normally eat at other restaurants. The black bean and garlic sauce was fragrant and robust, and a little overpowering, but nonetheless very tasty. SGD25 for 10 live scallops is pretty good value for money, I would say.

Crunchy Stir-Fried Vegetables with garlic (SGD6). Crisp and cooked just right. It was not too salty either, so that was a good thing.

This was another dish, apart from the celebrated crab bee hoon, that was present on almost every table - Steamed Frog Legs in Brand's Chicken Essence (SGD26 for 2 frogs). It was tasty and the frogs tasted like very sweet and tender chicken. This dish came with a wax burner underneath to keep it steaming hot until the very last bite.

Finally, the piece de resistance. Crab Bee Hoon (SGD 56). A whole steamed crab (full of roe and sweet crabby flesh) tossed in sticky, slippery, garlicky, fragrant bee hoon. It was simply the best. It was like very very well-fried Hokkien mee, but sweeter than you can imagine, because of the crab.

Here's a close-up at this unbelievably, unctiously umami plate of goodness. Roe, meat, chili, garlic-infused bee hoon, each bite was divine.

As there was no menu, and I didn't dare to ask the chef how much the dishes cost ( I heard that he hates that!). I was so worried that we would get ripped off on this meal. However, I think SGD113 for such a great seafood meal is indeed worth it.

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I went to Sin Huat to eat the famous crab bee hoon last year. We came before 6pm and the place wasn't opened yet, but the duck rice place next to it still open. Finally the chef came and told us "no order duck" "I don't do duck with crab". So funny...we obliged though because we were dying to try the crab bee hoon and it was good.