Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

Something happened at home today (it's not about DH, and I have to add that DH was very sweet and supportive about it, hereinafter referred to as THE INCIDENT).

So, I can't sleep because THE INCIDENT is bothering me.

I am not going into details about THE INCIDENT.

However, I wonder if these random thoughts I have about my life are distracting from my food posts.

I read somewhere (I think it was a published interview with another foodblogger Ivan Ng of recent runes) that readers of the food posts think that these non food-related posts are distracting and readers of my random thoughts find the food posts boring.

So, I am thinking of starting another blog, to record my thoughts on life. What do YOU think?

The other thing I recently read was an excerpt of a speech by somebody. I think this theory is not new. In essence, he advocates that, people in order to live, must first die. Basically, the trapping of life inhibits a person from living the life that he truly desires. However, if one believes that one is going to die, then all these trappings disappear, the white noise of disapproval become silent, the binds of societal conventions fall away, and one will pursue whatever their dreams may be. One will cease to be concerned about the things that DON'T MATTER, and focus on the things that DO MATTER. I think that is a good perspective to adopt.

But one thing puzzles me. If I were going to die, would I have reacted to THE INCIDENT differently? Would I have defended myself to my tormentor, would I have said all the things that I keep to myself and bite my tongue to prevent myself from saying out loud? OR, would I not be bothered about THE INCIDENT at all and be sleeping? I can't figure this one out.


D said...

Don't bother about it. Sleep is too precious to be disturbed by anything else. I miss pure blissful sleep.

By the way, did you get that email about Vietnam that I sent awhile ago? Just to check that it didn't get diverted to your junk folder.

Zen said...

ooh you changed your display pic. Nice! Thanks for the encouraging thought. Oh, I haven't checked my email, but let me go look now. I'm all excited!