Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Godiva Chocolixir @ Vivocity #01-116

Mmmmmm... wow this Chocolixir (SGD8) really hit the spot. It's been quite a while since I had chocolate, can you believe it?

Godiva @ Vivocity @01-116 didn't seem as well-patronised as it ought to be. The blended chocolate drinks are quite pricy, SGD8, but they are so good. DH used to buy me one each time we were at Citylink (where their other outlet was), but it's been quite a while since we ventured to town together.

They seem to have expanded their list of drinks, last time it was white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate with coffee. Now, the dark chocolate drink alone had 3 versions - raspberry, mint or dark chocolate decadence.

I omitted the whipped cream, but this was seriously good. Thick and not too sweet, with good quality chocolate and a hint of bitterness from the cocao content.

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