Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Soup Spoon @ Raffles Link

The Soup Spoon serves soup, salads and sandwiches and has 2 branches Raffles Place mrt station and Raffles City Shopping Centre.

I had to run to town to get some errands done, so I ended up getting a quick lunch at the Soup Spoon. I had the grande mushroom veloute (SGD6.70) which was much too large, I should have just gone for the regular portion. This was quite good, thick and chockful of mushrooms. I find the soups here a little too sweet though. Everything I have tried - clam chowder, mushroom soup and tomato basil seemed to have a tinge too much sugar. I think I like the tomato basil soup best though. It was quite tangy, and I liked that.
The reason why I was in town was cos I needed to develop baby photos, I have 3 CDs worth of photos yet undeveloped, so I headed off to my usual photo developer. You know how much it costs to develop digital photos at Harbourfront? 50 cents each! what a serious ripoff! The cheapest I have seen, 22 cents at Parkway, but my friend, Vincent at Superior Photo Laboratory (@ B1-01 Pearl's Centre 100 Eu TOng Sen Street, Tel: 65570772) he charges me 15 cents! Wow, that is serious savings! And he is so nice. He is very obliging, he remembers I like my photos matt, not glossy, and if I cannot pick up my photos, he offers to deliver them to my place. If you guys go there, mention this blog, Zen, the Chocolate Reindeer, and he will be very nice to you as well!

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