Friday, March 16, 2007

Melbourne Munchings Part 4

Last day in Melbourne, we had lunch at the Richmond Hill Larder and Bistro, and it was AWESOME.

I stopped by on the first day to buy cheese back for supper and it was great. This place was also featured in DH's Melbourne guide so we decided to come back for lunch. We really enjoyed it.

DH ordered the spaghetti with wagyu ragout, and shaved truffles (they forgot the truffles and we had to send it back).

My crabmeat risotto with avocado cream was excellent. I am so loving risotto right now. Ever since the Perth trip, where I also tried really good risotto.

We shared a mediterannean starter of soup with lima beans and tomato and I am not sure what else. (This one, may be it was a mistake ordering it, looks like the chef put all the stuff that was expiring into a pot and cooked a soup with it, no?)

This one, was the best!!!! we ordered a cheese platter (choice of 3 cheeses from 5) for AUD29. It was so good. From left: Goat's cheese (very creamy and melty (unlike the last one I bought, which was more crumbly) with a peppery flavour), delice the bourgogne (which translates to delight of burgundy, it is a double cream cow's cheese, with a very very rich buttery flavour) and blue cheese (which was fantastic and our favourite among all three. the blue veins were a little crumbly and crisp, and had a heavenly aroma).

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