Monday, March 19, 2007

Brotzeit German Brewery and Restaurant @ Vivocity

This place offers a number German beers and drinks like the apple juice with sparking water which I had, and a very wide selection of traditional German food.

This is their sausage platter, meant for 2 to share, but I think it wouldn't have been enough for even me alone. It was a nice selection of sausages, some were more meaty than others. Some were spicy and some were a bit soft. The smaller sausages were better, they had a spicier kick and taste and the casing had a more snappy bite.

This was a serving of the goose liver sausages, served with sour cream, dill and some berry compote. There were also potatoes and fried onions on top. It was not bad, I could taste the liver, but it was all mushed up and minced (as sausages are) so I don't think I like it that much. I like my foie gras as whole pieces, not pate-like.

Dessert of rum and raisin pancakes. they were very nice, not overly sweet, and it had a nice touch of creaminess to it. I would have liked a sprinkling of cinnamon to make it more fragrant though.

This is the bavarian chocolate creme with strawberries and fresh cream.

I'd say that the food here is very beautifully presented, which one wouldn't expect in a German bar. The quality of food is above average, as some of the sausages were not that great. However, I have not tried their other signature dishes like the pork knuckle (not on the menu but it is a special order item, and is always on their blackboard list of special items).

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jo said...

i can see that you're trying all the food at vivocity! soon, your blog can become a food guide to vivocity's restaurants!! with constant update about the food's standard too.. hehe.... bavarian chocolate creme was YUMMY. i simply love it... ;)