Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yummy Desserts Galore

Ji De Chi (literally translated to: Remember to Eat) @ Upper Cross Street

After a satisfying lunch with a dear friend at Chinatown, we tried this new dessert place (there are quite a few of these traditional dessert stalls in this area).

It serves many different types traditional HK style desserts like steamed egg custard, papaya with white fungus etc etc. All very lovely.

I had 2 desserts:

The almond paste with a cute pink glutinous rice ball (crushed peanut filling). The almond paste was not too sweet, and very rich and smooth. It was very thick and not watery, so I really liked it. SGD2.30 per bowl (each ball costs 30 cents), takeaway costs SGD2.50 each not including rice ball.

Then I had the steamed milk custard with ginger. It was very nice, warm for the tummy. I think the ginger juice can be a little spicy for those who are not used to it, but I quite liked it. This one was more expensive SGD3.50 (I think it was supposed to be a house specialty).

My dear friend had a papaya with fungus and almond seeds for SGD2 (which can be served warm or cold) and which looked very good too.

Toast Box @ level 3 Vivocity outside Food Republic

This is the peanut butter toast (SGD1.80), shared by 3 girls.

It was after a heavy lunch (we shared ngo hiang bee hoon, carrot cake and sheng jian bao (a type of pork bao which is lightly panfried at the bottom)) so there was no way I could have eaten this all by myself.

It was not bad, but I felt that the layer of peanut butter was too thin. The bread was soft and fluffy on the inside, so it was too bad that they were so stingy with the topping. Just charge 2 dollars and give a bit more can?


D said...

Ginger milk pudding is very to make at home. I learnt it from a HK friend who's family does it for business. I'll post up the recipe sometime =)

jo said...

i just had the peanut butter toast today at level 3's toastbox again. somehow i find that the one at basement tastes better. the peanut butter and toast seems thicker. your thoughts? =)