Thursday, June 23, 2011


HI my friends...

I miss you and I miss this blog... No time to blog, no time no time..

But, I did manage to try some new and interesting things recently:

escargot in France taste better!

Chic Parisienne at a French Bistro!

French Champagne also tastes better in France!

Pots of Steaming mussels - I had mine in dijon mustard and mushroom sauce and DH had his in white wine bacon and cream sauce. He liked mine more cause it was less jelat, but delicious all the same!

And here is my hungarian milkmaid and hungarian footballer saying hello.

More pics of hungarian eats to come. Hungarian goulash?


ice said...

I so miss your posts Vivien! Gosh Cutie is a splitting image of your hubby!

Chocolate Reindeer said...

awww! I miss you too Ice! You say the sweetest things! He is right? He used to look more like me when he was younger, but now, totally like his dad! Sweetie is Daddy's girl too, btw! They are the apples of his right and left eyes, respectively haha.