Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One on the Bund @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

We decided to try somewhere new for CNY. And headed to One on the Bund.

Wow this place has really changed from a dingy seedy harbour where people boarded dingy seedy cruise ships to a spanking shiny hotel.

The restaurant was right in the middle of the lobby, where the mama teh tarik shops used to be.

We ordered some dimsum and their signature grilled lamb.

It was crispy, and light, abit like the mock duck made of beancurd skin. But, it still smelled very strongly of lamb, and it didnt really appeal to me.

Scallop dumplings, were not bad.

The chicken feet were also not bad.

The prawn dumplings were juicy and tasty.

The killer was this plate of spring onion noodles with nothing else except 3 stalks of spring onion. Guess how much this cost? $25. Was it because of the presentation? or was there some abalone essence that dressed the noodles?

Overpriced. Very overpriced. Quality of food was average.

Happy Lunar New Year of the Metal Rabbit!!!

So the kids take photos with Rabbits, for the year of the Rabbit, geddit?

Sweetie with a Rabbit again.

Cutie with a Rabbit again.

I think they both enjoyed CNY!


ice said...

Sweetie looks so sweet in her cheongsam!

D said...

you're blogging again!
welcome back

DS said...

Heehee, i like the flesh rabbit better than the metal rabbit!

Chocolate Reindeer said...

Thanks Ice, Sweetie really is living up to her nam... a true sweetie pie.

Hi D! Yes I am! Thanks very much! I was too busy to blog for a while, but i was keeping up with your eating exploits!

DS: haha, he is a fleshy rabbit...