Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drinks China Square

I"m actually a happenin' mom, y'all!

You know how much I love being a mom to Cutie and Sweetie, and how every single little thing that they say or do makes me laugh. i look forward to evenings and weekends where it's our special bonding time, and where we get to do fun things together. Or like on Saturday, when Sweetie was still asleep and Cutie woke up earlier and we spent our time lying on the bed looking at the cracks in the ceiling and discussing the shapes (one really looked like spiderman having a poo). It's the little silly things like that which make me turn into a gooey mushy marshmallow.

Still, I sometimes do make an effort to meet up with my ex-colleagues in Raffles Place.. and have drinks!

So we headed to China Square because drinking places at Boat Quay (which is nearer) are not as nice (read: sleazier).

First up, an Italian beer. Peroni is refreshing and light, like an ale. I like.

Then a fruit beer, i think this was a pear. Also yummy.

Then, we shared some fried camembert. Always good with beer.

So all in all, a fun time. I think we were at Oosters the Belgian pub. Check out the pubs there, they all have decent happy hour prices.


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