Monday, February 07, 2011

More Interesting Snacks

Apart from the locally inspired cookies from Cookie Museum I also tried a number of other interesting snacks, all in the interest of researching for this blog.

So, we have, in order of appearance and fear factor status:
1. milk candy tablets

So the milk candy is the most innocuous. It still tasted funny though. 2 tablets are the equivalent of 1 glass of milk. It tasted like compressed milk powder, and since i never liked formula milk in the first place, I couldnt like this. I prefer milo or horlicks candy, which applies the same principle of compressing a powder based drink into a tablet.

2. vacuum packed boiled chicken feet

This wasnt supposed to be a big deal since I do eat chicken feet at dim sum restaurants. But honestly these looked a little scary (a little too big). And sweetie insisted that these were "chicken hands" because of all the "fingers".

Taste-wise, they were chewier than the melt in your mouth dim sum type. Salty, but otherwise not very exciting flavour-wise.

3. preserved donkey meat

Surprisingly, everyone was game to give this a try. Donkey meat! Seriously?

It tasted a bit like canned tuna. Texture wise.

Taste-wise, it was very strongly flavoured with possibly 5 spice and MSG. Sort of like preserved ham.

All in all an interesting experiment. And I think Kong Kong took the most, and was also the most game to try.

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DS said...

Oooh, that is a nice pic of DF! Anyways, you forgot to mention that the chicken feet still had nails on them! Eeeks!