Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cookies from The Cookie Musuem

I have more interesting munchies to recommend for this coming CNY.

Apart from the usual love-letters and snacks, I think it would be interesting to infuse some local flavour into our munching sessions.

The Cookie Museum has an interesting array of unique cookies, such as madeleine rose (pure pink rose) and english lavender (fresh lavender) and their bestselling berry lite (organic blueberry and macadamia nuts). However, it's their local range of cookies that particularly caught my attention.

1. Nasi Lemak Cookies

These were seriously good. They were slightly spicy, very fragrant, very crunchy and with ikan bilis and peanuts on top to evoke the experience of devouring a yummy packet of nasi lemak (except it's a lot more elegant and classy!).

Buy as a gift for your boss, or your MIL.

It's interesting and a pretty unique conversation starter during the CNY munching.

Comes in 3 layers of about 6 cookies, so I would put these in the expensive category.

Comes in a festive looking gift box too.

2. Laksa Cookies

Had a strong taste of coconut milk, with the fragrance of the daum laksa (laksa leaf). It was nice and also interesting but nasi lemak was still more shiok!

It is a little paler in colour to the nasi lemak.

probably less chili.

but yummy too.

We also tried the Hae Bee Hiam - This was great! It was spicy and crunchy and yummy. It was actually a little similar in taste to the Nasi Lemak except it didnt have the ikan bilis or peanuts. Sorry no picture.

We also tried the berry lite (blueberry and macadamias) - sweet and delicious, but less interesting and less of a conversation topic. Still good nonetheless.

Happy CNY Y'all!


ice said...

I love Cookie Museum's cookies especially their strawberry & orange with lotus seeds, a limited CNY flavor & the berry lite!

Happy CNY Vivien to you & family!

Chocolate Reindeer said...

Ice: Happy CNY!! How have you been celebrating? More importantly, what have you been eating? Hope you have a wonderful new year ahead! Yes, everything at Cookie Museum is so good! We already devoured our box of berry lite! strawbery and orange with lotus seeds sounds interesting, my mom would love it.