Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jap Curry Meals

Raku Ninja @ Republic Plaza #B1-07

I went to meet a friend at Raffles Place and we ended up at the basement of republic plaza, which had lots of stuff to eat. we initially intended to go for a paper pot, but I was tempted when I saw some other diners eat this...

The curry udon was insipid, with the curry more like a watery gravy instead. The tempura were hard, although not oily.

Verdict: Give it a miss, there are loads of better places around here.

Japan Gourmet Town @ Vivocity #01-157

PL and I came to this place on my first day back at work. This restaurant opened when I was on maternity leave so I hadnt eaten here yet.

When I realised it was part of a chain restaurant, which included the ubiquitous Ajisen ramen, I was rather hesitant because I was never a fan of Ajisen... but since we were already here, we decided to give it a shot.

I ordered their highly recommended moonlight okonomiyaki to share, but I wasnt impressed. The okonomiyaki was hard and tasteless. I wasn't expecting the okonomiyaki that I had in Osaka, but this really missed the mark by miles. I think Nanjya Monjya's version is still the best.

My tempura prawn curry rice was boring. The curry tasted of local curry powder, and was not at all like Japanese curry, which should taste sweet with the generous addition of carrots and onions.

Verdict: not good enough.

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