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Meals in Tasmania - Days 5 and 6

Coles Bay, Tasmania

Freycinet Marine Park is a World Heritage site, and it is beautiful!

We went there after breakfast of porridge that Por Por cooked.. Por Por usually cooks porridge for Cutie, and cooks enough so that we can all have some.

Look at the pristine white beach with its beautiful azure blue waters! it's so tranquil and picturesque, that I am transported to a whole new world.

This is Oyster Bay walk, a scenic 15 minute walk from the visitors centre. We all walked here.

Then Kong Kong, DH and I decided to hike up to the mountain area (where no cars are allowed) to see Wineglass Bay. We must sign in before going up the trail so that the guides can look for lost people at the end of the day. It was supposed to be an hour's walk but it took longer since I am now so fat and unfit!

It was quite a tough trail also, since it was rocky and steep at parts.

But it was worth the climb! See how beautiful it was! Does it resemble a wine glass to you?

After that, we all went for lunch at Freycinet Marine Farm, where they harvest fresh lobster, oysters and mussels.

The place wasn't a restaurant, it was like a little caravan outside the farm, with wooden tables and umbrellas on top. I didn't take any photos since I was a little chilly.

BUT I WISH I HAD! The lobsters were huge and fresh and sweet, so we ordered 2 large ones to eat there and 1 to take home.

We also ordered oysters (which were not that well cleaned, as some had bits of shell in it) but which were so fresh that we overlooked the bits of shell. It tasted of the sea.

We also ordered 2 bowls of mussels, which were steamed and came piping hot. NICE!

This was our most low budget meal but it was the freshest and the most value for money.

Fairy Penguin Tour

That evening, we went for a Fairy Penguin Tour... it only takes place in the evening, as the penguins leave the sea to come up to the shores to sleep. We had to bundle up because it could get quite cold.

Aren't they cute? They are tiny, not like the big black ones of the north or south pole.

So adorable!

Cutie was so well-behaved and quiet throughout the tour... We told him that he had to be quiet so that the penguins wouldn't run away... and he was so obedient. He was excited too, but he was able to listen to instructions well.


We made some sandwiches to eat on the way to the penguin tour, then came back for more a substantial meal.

We had the rest of the sandwiches, some blue cheese that DH bought, and the lobster that we tarpowed from lunch. This one we grilled in the oven to warm it up. It was nice because we just came in from the cold, but since it was already cooked, warming it again in the oven toughened it up, and so it wasn't as sweet.

Day 6 - Coles Bay to Port Arthur Convicts Trail

Leaving our Coles Bay accommodation, so we had to finish up our supplies of bread, eggs and other perishables.

So this was our breakfast: ham and cheese sandwiches with potato and ham omelette.

Everyone seemed quite pleased with our simple meal! I really like this shot... everyone looks slightly dishevelled from just waking up... but so happy!

We headed to Port Arthur, originally a convicts settlement. When the English decided to ship their recalcitrant convicts to Australia, this is where they first settled. Which is why Tasmania is decidedly more english (in terms of its architecture and street names) than other parts of Australia.

After checking in, we headed to Port Arthur Convicts Centre, which is an award winning tourist destination. As it should well be, it was fascinating.

We lunched at the cafeteria, called Felons, and it was disappointing - too tough meats, too salty pasta... it was forgettable.

Kong Kong and Por Por went back to the house since they've been here before. DH Cutie and I bought tickets and entered the place.

It was quite big and we didnt manage to explore the entire area because it started to drizzle a little in the late afternoon.

We did manage to catch the 3 pm cruise - last one of the day. We almost missed it because DH was disciplining Cutie, and wouldnt cut short the lecture to catch the cruise. He told Cutie, if we miss the cruise, it will be because of you. Cutie smacked DH (on the head!), and it was really inexcusable. I dont know why Cutie did it really. Maybe because DH took the pen that Cutie wanted... DH was going to sign for the tickets as he paid by credit card. DH took Cutie aside and told him off.. Cutie kept saying, "let go of me, let go of me, I want my mommy!" But he did apologise in the end.

Quite windy on the cruise ship! It was very educational!

Below is my favourite shot of Cutie and DH... I think they look alike! This was outside the chapel I think.

Cutie sure can pose!

DINNER at Fox and Hounds Tavern

We had dinner at the English themed Fox and Hounds Tavern - a black and white type of inn cum restaurant. It was the nicest restaurant in the area and so it was full but not crowded.

Por Por and I shared the Queen's Feast - it was quite nice although we didnt expect everything to be battered and fried.

Kong Kong had the King's catch - some grilled fish.

and DH had the steak I think. Quite tender and tasty.


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