Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meals in Tasmania - Day 7

Day 7 - Port Arthur to Hobart

Good morning! We are leaving our serviced accommodation at Port Arthur and heading for Hobart, one of the 2 big cities of Tasmania.
We had a filling breakfast of banana pancakes - no photos cos the pancakes actually were very ugly, but I blame the pan! The pan was heating up inevenly!
From our bedroom window, we could see lots of cows in the adjacent field, so we walked out to visit the cows...

This is Cutie, still in his pajamas! He said he wanted to bring a brown cow home.

So cute!
Sorrell Fruit Farm

We went drove to Hobart via a little place called Sorrell, and diverted into Sorrell Fruit Farm and whoa, happily, they had strawberries for us to pick! We are so glad!
Cutie was really good at picking out the red and ripe ones, and he had a very good time!
Each of us paid AUD6 for the plastic punnet, and we could pick as many as we wanted.
See, they are very large and red!

Our loot!
Cutie wonders if the strawberry will taste sweet...
He takes a tentative bite....
And he likes it! look at his smiling face!
Lunch at Barrilla Oyster Bay Cafe
Barrilla Oyster Bay is a very very popular and well-regarded landmark near Hobart. We stopped here for lunch because all the guides recommended the food here. Fresh oysters, good food.
Unfortunately, the restaurant on the 2nd floor couldn't seat us because the kitchen was full, so we went to eat at their sister cafe downstairs. (and made a reservation to return for lunch the next day.... so watch out for the next post!)
1 dozen Fresh Oysters - AUD 10.50. They sold oysters, abalones, mussels to go as well, but we weren't really interested. In terms of fresh oysters, these tasted the best because they were well-cleaned, succulent, and not salty. Yums.

We each had a soup of the day - SGD8.50 - which is quite expensive. Can't remember what it was.

We also each had a sandwich - and I think the toasted turkish bread sandwich was the nicest. No photos, we were too busy gobbling it up.

Dinner at Mures Seafood Restaurant

Mures at Elizabeth Pier, is one of the famous landmarks of Hobart. Everyone, and I mean everyone, comes here for seafood.

We were contemplating whether to go upstairs to the 2nd floor - Mures Upper Deck for dinner - which was classier and more private, but in the end economic sense took over and we opted for the Mures Lower Deck (1st floor) which also serves seafood but is more bistro-like and we order at the counter and collect our food when it is ready.

Mures Seafood platter - collection of cold seafood and pates. I think the platter cost about AUD38. We couldn't finish it and kept the cubes of fish for the next morning to eat with porridge. and that was really quite nice cos the fish was salty.

Our half dozen fresh oysters - AUD 5.50. They were nice, but the oysters at lunch were better.

Our cooked oysters with garlic butter - forgot how much they cost but these were quite nice too. the oysters here are very large, so they are very juicy.

Chilled rock lobster with fries - a bit small, and nothing great.

We also shared a grilled salmon.

And a tasmanian blue cod? Not quite sure what this fish was but it was nice and oily and tender and it was supposed to be the most expensive fish on the menu.

We ordered a bottle of sparkling wine but didnt finish it. We brought it back but didnt drink much either. Cutie likes to participate whenever we clink glasses though. We dont want him to be left out so he uses his water bottle instead.

Oyster Shooter! I bought this for DH as a surprise because he mentioned that he had never ever had one!

Never?! oh that must be rectified! So I bought this for him.

Hee hee.

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