Monday, April 07, 2008

Tenshin @ Regent Hotel

Sorry, I've been really busy so I think you haven't seen many updates on this blog.

Well, DH brought me to this nice restaurant at Regent that I have been wanting to try. Tenshin @ Regent Hotel is widely acknowledged to be the best at tempura. It specialises in tempura, unlike many Japanese restaurants in Singapore which try to do everything.

DH took a lunch set that came with Japanese prawns, very crispy and sweet.

This was the appetiser of kailan stems in shoyu and topped with fish flakes I think. It was costly, at SGD3 per person, especially since we didn't order it.

DH's set also came with sashimi. Quite lovely.
We both had a salad starter, which was very very nice. It was a sesame dressing, very fragrant and very appetising. I loved it.

This was what I was looking forward to. On the a la carte menu at SGD25 each, this is uni tempura.

Sweet uni is wrapped in seaweed, lightly dusted in batter and then deep fried. It is crispy on the outside but still sweet and cool on the inside. A delicious treat.

Our friendly chef who was very good at timing our food. My set came with prawns, vegetables and I think, pumpkin. And he didn't serve everything at once. He made sure I always had one item on my plate, but not the same thing in a row, ie, prawn, veg, prawn, pumpkin, fish etc.

My set came with plain rice, miso soup and pickles. I asked for a 2nd serving of pickles and paid SGD8 for it.
DH's rice came with tempura prawns bits in it and was tossed in some dressing.

DH and I both liked this. 2 types of tempura japanese mushroom.
We ended our set with a refreshing sorbet.

It was a pretty expensive meal, I think DH's set was SGD80 and mine was SGD30.


Camemberu said...

Ah you went to Tenshin! Been wanting to go too! Looks like a real treat but did you enjoy the tempura aside from the uni?

Chocolate Reindeer said...

Hi Camemberu: Yes I loved the uni tempura, although it was quite expensive. Honestly, I only enjoyed some items in the set, like the mushrooms and the pumpkin(sweet and silky smooth). The prawns were ordinary. and I can't remember what else I had... I am glad I tried it, but I dont think I would go back unless on a corporate account!