Friday, April 11, 2008

Lunch @ the Tanglin Club

I'm so lucky! PC decided to take us girls to lunch at her club today, the Tanglin Club. It's a very exclusive club and membership is non-transferrable!

This restaurant that PC brought us to, it's very proper and british. You can't use your handphones here, and there is a dress code (no slippers, shorts, sports attire, jeans) and children under 16 cannot enter.

This is a poor shot, but it was the star of our lunch. It was an excellent ceasar salad. Just the right amount of dressing, tasty and crispy.

We ordered 3 soups to share - mulligatawny, french onion and lentils. The muligatawny is, as I understand, an Anglo-Indian soup so it tastes quite asian, with some beans and some Indian spices. The lentils was ok, we thought it would be creamy but it was actually a clear soup.

My choice of French Onion was rich and beefy. The cheesy toast on top was lovely.

It was Signature laksa day (friday), and lots of patrons ordered it, so I went for it as well. It was a very large portion, and someone with a less healthy appetite would surely have surrendered before finishing the bowl. I like the quai;s' eggs in it. It was very lemak (rich with coconut milk), but didn't taste like the Katong laksa type. It tastes more... homemade?

PL's fried Hokkien mee, also touted as a hot favourite here. It was also a large portion and she couldn't finish it.

PC had a very very English meal of Calf's liver with bacon. the bacon was nice and crispy. The liver was red and a little too bloody for me, but for PC it was just right.

Thanks PC, I really enjoyed our girls' lunch!

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