Thursday, February 14, 2008

CNY celebrations

Lots of feasting during CNY.

Fortunately my appetite has improved tremendously thereby allowing me to gorge myself on buttery pineapple tarts and other assorted goodies.

(Looking at photos of myself taken at my reunion dinner and then taken a few days later on the 3rd day of new year, I shudder to realise I have put on so much weight in a few short days that I am almost unrecognisable!)

Reunion Dinner

We wanted to avoid the crowds and the rush so we decided to eat dinner at home by buying home a large treasure pot (also known as "pen cai" literally pot of food).

It was decided by a very wise person that although this was a large treasure pot (meant for 6), filled to the brim with auspicious ingredients like abalone, fish maw (the slippery kind not the fried type), dried oysters, sea cucumber, it was still insufficient 'because for reunion dinner is supposed to be abundant. We cannot have only 1 dish". I tried to reason that the treasure pot is really many different dishes in 1 pot, which we could plate separately if so preferred... but I was overruled. Which was a happy thing since I also don't mind having lots of choices during dinner. I just didn't want too much everyone to go to too much trouble.

Ha Ha. So the good news was that there really was an abundance of dishes on the table that day! The not so good news was that we had to eat the leftovers for several days to come!

Our Treasure Pot (SGD268) containing all sorts of goodies. The braised pork knuckle was surprisingly good, tender meat and chewy gelatinuous skin. Loved the slippery fish maw best.

Our other delicacies - chicken curry, fried large prawns with garlic and chili, codfish with garlic.

We also had lo hei with abalone... I sliced the abalone! see how evenly and beautifully it is sliced? :)

2nd Day Celebrations at DS' New Place

DS' house is very nice... first time we were visiting her place. So we had to pick an auspicious day - like during CNY.

DS made this yummy rice with mushrooms, chicken and 2 kinds of sausages. It was delicious and we all wanted 2nd helpings.

DS woke up at 6 am to make this crispy roast pork. The skin was not oily and it was crackling and crisp.

DM's own home-made rendition of her treasure pot. It contained lots of goodies, fresh scallop, prawns, fish, abalone, fish maw underneath, and lots of other yummy ingredients. DM lovingly cooked each ingredient separately then layered them in this pot.

Hahaha... my contribution. The only non home-cooked dish on the table. I bought a roast duck with tang kwei from Dian Xiao Er. I was so lucky, my brother collected the dish on my behalf so I hardly did any work.

Photos of Cutie

I think Cutie had a good time this New Year...

Hanging out with his parents...

Visiting his relatives...

Although he was probably all tired out!!

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