Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mooncakes from Goodwood Park Hotel

Chempedek and durian mooncakes! Yummilicious!

I haven't been eating many mooncakes this year. I find that my throat gets really sore if I even eat a small piece.

However, I couldn't resist the goodies that DBiL bought.

Sorry for the ugly photo of half-eaten mooncake. None of us could wait to savour these yummy morsels. Even Cutie wanted to play with them (since they looked so inviting, with their bright and cheery colours!)... much to the obvious (and understandable) chagrin of everyone (Sorry! Cutie really didn't mean to throw that piece on the floor... He thought it was a ball and wanted to see if it bounced!).

Well, I am pleased to report that the mooncakes have disappeared (very rapidly) and I liked the chempedek best. The durian was lovely of course, Goodwood Park Hotel is famous for its durian offerings, but this chempedek one was quite special because it has bits of the fruit embedded in the filling so it provided an interesting chewy and flavourful texture.

Thanks DBiL!

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