Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Keyaki Japanese Restaurant @ Pan Pacific Hotel

DH and I eat here quite a lot, so I was surprised to see that I have never posted about this place.

Keyaki Japanese Restaurant (Pan Pacific Hotel, 4th floor) is one of the Japanese restaurants in Singapore. It's set in a traditional Japanese farmhouse, with paper sliding doors, a river of carp, water features, it's so quaint and lovely.

We usually come here on weekends, and end up having the great value for money ala carte buffet (SGD58 per person). We have the pan pacific dining privileges card, so we get a good discount.

We'll start with the sashimi platter (one serving only). It's fresh and nice. Although I would have preferred a more generous serving of their juicy salmon. The fish behind the yellow flower was toro, by the way.

Then, we'd have the chilled lobster with wasabi mayo (also 1 serving only). The lobster is refreshing, and sweet, and the mayo is just right, not too overpowering, not too heavy.

Then some teppanyaki items. Beef with garlic chips is always popular with DH. It's very tender and delicious. We'd usually also have some teppanyaki cod and teppanyaki salmon (not pictured).

Grilled items next - Grilled large prawns above, perfect with just a squeeze of lemon. We usually have some grilled salmon as well.

Soft shell crab - also eaten with lemon. It's not too oily and has just a little bit of batter, just the way I like it.

Mixed Tempura - I find the portion a little too big. But otherwise I find the batter quite nice. It is of course served piping hot and therefore always delicious.

Zaru soba - DH and I love this. We each order one serving, and it comes in a beautiful lacquer box. With nice toppings like sesame seeds, seaweed and spring onion. I like how the soba is nicely presented, and are always smooth and not clumpy or sticky like other places.

Chawanmushi - which I usually share with Cutie. We use this as incentive for him to finish his porridge quickly.

(Me: Want some steamed egg? Cutie: (emphatically)Yeah! Me: ok eat 1 spoon of porridge first. Cutie: Chey! -_-")

California Temaki - this is quite nice. I like the temaki as the seaweed is so crisp! Love the crunch when biting into it. Don't ever give me a limp one, thanks! :p We usually order a few temaki, the tempura prawn temaki is a favourite of mine. Then some sushi to round off the meal.

We usually have dessert as well - some musk melon, sweet and juicy and some ice cream, usually rum and raisin.

Cutie usually joins us at the table. He will insist on feeding himself and drinking by himself. I am always afraid that he will cause a mess. But, how will he learn otherwise right?

There is this cute wooden structure outside, which is something like a trishaw. Cutie loved it! He climbed right in, and refused to come out.

He was having lots of fun sitting in this. He is pretending not to notice when we called him to come out.

Look at Cutie animatedly waving his hands! This was the conversation between Cutie and DH:

DH: Come on, let's go. Daddy wants to go to Harvey Norman.

Cutie: No No No! Stay here.

DH: Come on, quick.

Cutie: No. Daddy GO AWAY!

Those last 2 words were uttered with such emphasis! It makes me laugh to recall it. (Cutie didn't mean to be rude or anything. To Cutie, "go away" simply means the opposite of "stay here".)

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