Thursday, September 13, 2007

Maxwell Food Centre

MC and CT wanted to go to Chinatown to see a chinese physician since they both had neck and back aches.

I tagged along, even with any ailments or maladies, becaue they said they were eating at Maxwell Food Centre after that. Oooh! Maxwell Food Centre?! I'm in.

I also saw the tuinalogist. ("what on earth is that?" you ask. A specialist in tuina (the ancient form of Chinese massage) so I am told. It does sound a bit dodgy doesn't it?). He gave me a head massage to clear my sinuses and to make my eyes more sparkly. I think it felt a bit like the massage my hairdresser gives me. It cost SGD28. For that price, I usually get a hair cut as well!

No matter. I was here for the food anyway!

First up, char kway teow. Haven't had this in ages. This was very good. Very fragrant, good wok hei, and lots of ingredients.

This satay bee hoon was excellent. The satay sauce was savoury and tasty, and the ingredients were fresh and succulent. Love cuttlefish!

We also shared some poached chicken, some braised pork rib noodles, and had tang yuen dessert.

Count me in next time! There's lots more good food to be discovered in Maxwell Food Centre!


DS said...

I like the sweet potato balls at Maxwell market!!! Not cheap though... 40cents for a pingpong-ball-sized potato ball.

Barista said...

Hi ChocoReindeer, saw you at the dinner and it's nice to put a face too on your blog. You could try the fried fish noodles at Maxwell, they're famous and very popular with the ladies. You'll love it! I forgot which stall number it was but you'll find a queue forming at the stall. It's just opposite the famous chicken rice stall. Enjoy!
My blog addy is

Chocolate Reindeer said...

DS: I love the sweet potato balls! but they were closed that day... :(

Barista: ooh lovely to meet you, thanks for dropping by. The dinner was so well attended,it was a little hard to mingle. Plus, I had my hands full with my 2 year old! haha.