Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Drinks and Dinner @ Raffles Place

(Author's Note: Mr L, who is really a simple unassuming person, has emailed to say that he is worried that the words italicised below would cause readers to think that he was boasting. I would like to assure everyone that Mr L was not boasting in any way. The fact that he is concerned about this speaks volumes about his modesty.)

Met up with an ex-colleague for celebratory drinks and dinner (Congrats on the big CA win, Mr L!). He was understandably still chuffed from his victory and as he described each clever strategy and manouvre, I felt a little bereft at having foregone this past life. A slight sense of nostalgia had already crept up on me as I walked the streets of Raffles Place. And now, as Mr L relived his moment of glory, I couldn't help but recall those days when I was on a perpetual treadmill of papers and submissions and research. Each appearance in Court was exciting and ever so satisfying (Now, I get my kicks from Godiva chocolate, haha).

We went to Superfamous, a cafe and bar outside OCBC building, my choice. Happy Hour prices from 5 pm to 9 pm where martinis and champagne cocktails were going for SGD1o instead of the usual SGD15-SGD18.

I started with a lychee martini and Mr L had a starfruit martini (made with blended starfruit). Later we each had a champagne cocktail.

If you get here early enough (between 5-7 pm), they serve complimentary mini wagyu burgers (usually SGD5 each) with each drink that you order. We arrived slightly past 7 pm and were too late to take advantage of this promotion.

I tried to charm my way into getting a free burger. The first waiter said he couldn't because they've already refused other tables. POUT. This waiter is an idiot. I will try again. And this time, the waiter checked with the manager and... SUCCESS! Free burgers! Ooh, they were piping hot, toasty buns with tender and fatty patties with onions too. Delicious. More so cos they were FREE. Even more so cos I managed to get something despite the difficult circumstances.


This new Thai place was not too bad, and very cheap. It's on Circular Road, which is just behind Boat Quay.

Pad Thai for SGD5.90. It was quite a generous portion, and quite spicy. Not a bad choice for a post drinking binge.

Seafood Tom Yum soup (SGD4.90). Enough for 2 full bowls, I recommend that you share this. Spicy and tangy.

Pandan chicken (SGD3.90). 4 pieces of crispy greasy chicken. Not fantastic, but pretty good value for money.

We didn't have room for dessert.


At 930 pm, there were many taxis trawling Circular Road, but all refused to stop as they were clearly cruising for on-call fees (if you call to book, it earns them an extra 3 dollars).

Fine. So I stop this silver premier cabby and say, I will pay you the on-call fee if you take me. I thought, saves me the time to call, and he gets the full fee rather than to share it with the taxi company.

BUT, this unscrupulous cabby insisted on being paid an extra SGD5.20, being the fee for advance booking of more than 30 mins. His greed knows no boundaries! I am appalled at his audacity.

I didn't want to argue. I asked for a receipt.

He wrote one out... and left out his taxi licence plate number.


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