Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Melbourne Munchings Part 2

Pavilion Cafe inside Fitzroy Gardens

I brought baby to the Fitroy Gardens to run around, and to see birds and flowers and the miniature Tudor houses in this place.

We had a mid-morning brunch of omelette with ham mushrooms and cheese, and a hot chocolate. It does look very lovely doesn't it? The cheese was gooey and stringy and quite nice. Too bad it got cold very fast. Also the toast at the bottom was too burnt to eat, but I wasn't interested in eating bread so I didn't make any fuss about it.

The waitstaff kindly made Baby a free cup of babycinno, which is milk foam with some chocolate flakes on top. But he didn't like it. Should have asked them to use mommy's milk instead! *wink*

Hopetoun Tea Rooms, Block Arcade, Bourke Street Mall

This is a very famous cafe serving cakes, pastries, teas and coffees. I stopped here for tea at about 430 pm on a weekday and it was CROWDED. Baby was asleep so we managed to manouvre ourselves into a corner table, where I had the pumpkin scone with cream and fruit coulis and a Hopetoun blend tea.


DS said...

Munching in Melbourne Must have been Marvellous!! Hee... Certainly looks like it!! Hope DE is feeling better...

Zen said...

DE is much better, thanks! I munched, swallowed, gulped, gobbled so much, I could hardly fit into my clothes on the way back!