Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Modesto's @ Vivocity

This is really fantastic.

Modesto's at Vivocity has always been a favourite of mine. Partly because it is not as crowded as other eateries in this megamall, and one is always assured of a seat here.

The food here is also pretty good, with crispy thin pizzas and generous pastas.

This is the restaurant special, the linguine Modesto's, and boy was it good.

I've had it as a 1 person serving (SGD24) or as a 2 person serving (SGD48, or may be a little cheaper), and both times it was excellent.

It has lots of seafood like prawns and squid, including a whole flower crab (if you order the 2 person portion), and the best part is that it is cooked with juicy whole black olives, so it imparts a smoky salty taste to the pasta. I love biting into the olives. It's great! Funny how I used to pick the olives off the Pizza Hut pizzas I used to eat. Then again, those olives were dry and tasted like cardboard bits. Now that I am older and financially more able to afford better olives, I think I really like the taste of olives.

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