Thursday, February 01, 2007

London Weekend Gastronomy Part 2

Sunday Breakfast

It's even harder finding breakfast on Sundays, most places are closed. I went back to Ye Olde Tavern and had poached eggs with sausage.

Sunday Lunch

After wandering around at Camden Lock Market, I went to Tower of London, but was rebuffed by the 15 pound entrance fee. We ate at a pub near the Tower of London.

My lunch of mixed grill with peas, mushroom, tomato and baked potato was very filling. There was rump steak, gammon steak, lamb chops and sausage. All were rather dry and overcooked, seeing as it was not really a fine dining restaurant.
DB couldn't finish his roast beef with yorkshire pudding either. I tried a little and also found it overcooked.
The most fun part of lunch was the Bailey's chocolate shots. It came in real edible chocolate cups!
Sunday dinner
Dinner was at Canteen, a bistro near Liverpool Street tube station.
The roast pork with apples was a good pairing. It was quite fatty, and the skin wasn't crackling type, more like braised. It was not bad.


DS said...

The Bailey shots look so very appealing!! Have not tried them before. Funny you guys didn't like the Sunday Roast... for DF (dear fiance) and I, it is quite a treat!!Maybe it's the way yours was cooked... or maybe we aren't fine-diners afterall!!heehee. PS: I think poached eggs are a very healthy way to eat eggs. I like.

DS said...

Forgot to tell you...
I LOVE Cornish pastries & the very sweet, sticky, nutty turkish pastries. Your pictures and descriptions make me miss UK a wee bit.

Oooh, I baulked at black pudding too!!Heehee.