Thursday, February 01, 2007

London Gastronomy Part 2

Monday - No Photos, as camera ran out of battery

Breakfast: chocolate pastry from delice de france eaten on the train to Feltham.

Lunch: sausages with mash and red cabbage eaten at the office cafeteria.

Dinner: Chez Gerard, a french restaurant in Mayfair. I had:

1. the grilled queen scallops on shell with herb butter. Not really queen scallops, more like baby scallops. They were the size of dried scallops that mom puts in our porridge back home.

2. the seafood in white wine cream sauce. Salmon, monkfish, squid, prawns and 4 mussels. Quite heavy.

3. roasted pineapple with icecream. I've tried roasted / grilled pineapple at the brazil churrascaria places. Grilling really brings out the sweetness in the pineapple, I think.


DS said...

Finally!! Some place I've eaten at!! Haha. I like Chez Gerard as well!! Nice place... and again, it was a treat for us!! I think I went there only 2x the whole time I was in the UK! Ooooh, I read about the kipper entry...yes, very english. Never tried before again. You know something, I think travelling to far and expensive places like UK is only fun when you have some spending power (i.e. working and earning)...not when you are a poor student or with a family of 5 (when you have to contend with travel pot cooked rice and grocery shop roast chicken!! Not that I am complaining though...I enjoyed our holidays together!!:))

Zen said...

Yes agree! Now that I am working, I firstly get to stay at nicer places, and am more willing to pay for nice meals. Oh, we liked our sunday roast, it was very very filling though!