Monday, January 08, 2007

Lao You Ji @ 245 Outram Road


This is the 2nd time I am typing out this post.

In trying to shift my posts around, I accidentally erased this one. Which caused me to stop blogging for a few days as I sulked about the inadequacies of technology. I didn't realise that I couldn't cut and copy older posts by using the shortcut keys of ctrl-x and ctrl-c.

We went to this restaurant, Lao You Ji (245 Outram Road) that specialises in live seafood, steamboat and tze-char. All very fresh and very good.

We ordered the steamed fish head with tau jeo (preserved black beans) (SGD12). It was meaty, and yet had enough gelatinous bits to satisfy the 3 fish head eaters at the table. The gravy was delicious and very good eaten with steamed rice.

We then had the seafood claypot (SGD18). It's really good value for money, see how it is brimming over with fresh and juicy seafood - sea cucumber, clams, prawns, cuttlefish, squid, fish. They sure don't stinge on the ingredients here. It came bubbling over, and the thick gravy was very yummy.

We actually wanted to order the steamed bamboo clams with garlic next, at a very affordable SGD6.80 each, but they were unfortunately not available this time. So we were recommended the live geoduck which we had stirfried with ginger and spring onions (SGD58). Given that it was so very fresh, it would have been good to eat it sashimi style, but one of us didn't eat sashimi. We therefore decided on ginger and spring onions. It was very good too, as the chef wisely didn't overcook the geoduck, resulting a sweet and crunchy shellfish.

We keep going back again and again.


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