Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Xmas Buffet Lunch @ Raffles Bar & Billiard Room

Xmas is just round the corner, and it's the perfect time to indulge.

We had an Xmas buffet lunch at the Raffles Bar and Billiard Room @ Raffles Hotel. It was a dazzling spread of sumptious traditional Xmas delicacies.

The appetiser selection was interesting and varied, but I honed in on the chilled seafood - mussels, prawns, crab claws, alaskan crab legs, prawns, oysters, even lobsters.

Look at my laden plate! I ignored the sashimi platter totally, and had 2 helpings of lobster and crab.

I also enjoyed the foie gras pate on a pistachio biscotti with cranberry jelly. Very Christmassy. But a little to sweet with the jelly. I requested the chef to make me one without the jelly, which he cheerfully did and delivered to my table.

I then had a pea soup, which wasn't fantastic, but I undestand that pea soup should be drunk chilled, to really allow the flavour to permeate the palate.

The pasta with mushroom cream sauce was lovely too.

I then tried more Christmassy fare, like the honey baked ham and the turkey. The little bit of brown meat in the centre of the plate? That is braised rabbit. I thought I would try it. Hey, I've tried all sorts of food, from sea urchin to pufferfish sperm... I'd try everything once! But, rabbit? Would I? In the end, I couldn't bring myself to eat it. DH would be appalled if I had tried it, since he loves rabbit. The fluffy sort. To play with, not to eat. But I was curious! Especially after reading such an illuminating post by the gastronomically adventurous Colin. Nevertheless, today was not a day for conquering uncharted territories. Particularly since I distinctly recall suppressing a strong urge to throw up after reading Colin's post (nothing to do with Colin or his cooking of course!). My friends tell me it tasted like chicken.

Then dessert was a chocolate mousse with raspberries, and crepes with a scoop of gingerbread ice cream.

I rounded off my meal with a selection of excellent cheese, with my favourite being this strong blue cheese. I love the taste of blue cheese, especially when I get the blue veined bits, the taste and aroma just lingers on the palate... and the fingers. Even now.


lol said...

Yes! roquefort is like king for me too! but its really ex too ya...:(

Zen said...

lol, thanks for your comment. Yes I agree that it's too ex for daily consumption, but I really enjoy it too!

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