Sunday, December 10, 2006

Inagiku @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

DH and I love love love Japanese food. Since our trip to Tokyo and Hokkaido last year, where we indulged in the freshest produce and seafood, we have been hunting for good Japanese restaurants in Singapore. We have our list of dependable favourites (which I shall blog on when the opportunities present themselves).

Our current favourite is Inagiku, conveniently located at Raffles City Shopping Centre, level 3.

DH and I shared a Hana set (SGD165) which comprised 5 types of sashimi (toro, scallop, salmon, swordfish and crab), 7 types of sushi (uni, ikura, toro, tai, amaebi, crab, flounder), a starter and a dessert. We also ordered a few other delectable seasonal delights to give our tastebuds a treat.

We wanted to order shirako ponzu (which is whale milt, also known as sperm sacs, in savoury sauce, a Hokkaido delicacy only available during these winter months). It was unfortunately unavailable, and our kind chef offered us this delightful substitute, pufferfish milt in ponzu. First time that DH and I are trying this. It was a very interesting sensation on the palate, rich in taste and soft and curdy in texture.

Our chef then introduced us to simmered braised tai (red snapper) cheek. It was flavoursome, and full of gelatinous bits which had absorbed all that rich stock that it was simmered in. DH and I usually eat our fish cheek grilled, so this was also new to us. Very yummy.

We ended our meal with a miso soup, chockful with all types of fish and other ingredients. Although DH and I both agree that this soup is probably made up of last shipment's unsold sashimi, it was nevertheless a tasty treat.


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