Thursday, April 07, 2011

Cut by Wolfgang Puck @ Marina Bay Sands

made a reservation at Cut at MBS. Been wanting to go for a long time... and we finally went on a Friday after work. Date night! Made arrangements for DM to babysit. Thanks loads, Mom!

So DH was a little late so i had a cocktail at the bar. It was a Cut original called Crouching tiger something dragon and it was a citrusy drink, very refreshing.

Then we had a complimentary starter, quite nice. Forgot what it was. Some kind of cheese bread nugget I think.

Then we had THE MOST AMAZING grilled bone marrow. It was creamy, melt-in-the-mouth, oh so decadently indulgently luxuriously delish. More more more please!

DH had the bone in ribeye...

And I had the NY striploin... they were both delish, and very expensive. But very amazing cos they were aged you know, so lots of wastage in aging the meat but so meaty and oomph. See the Maillard effect? My colleague MOKY says that is indicative of a good steak.

No sides, we ordered mushrooms and onions.. DH's pick. They count as vegetables he says. Delish too, but also ex. Like honestly, would you pay 20 bucks for a side of onions and another 24 for a side of mushrooms? Will you?

Medium rare in the middle, the only way to eat a good steak.

Cutie and Sweetie wouldnt stop calling, asking when we were getting home and "why were we taking so long".... By the 4th phone call, DH picked up my phone and told them to stop calling. :p

They were quite well occupied, nevertheless.

But very happy that we were home!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Table 66 @ 66 Tras Street

Gotta love restaurant week!! It's my first time participating in it, and it's a really good deal! Wows. Next time I will book more restaurants. This one, MOKY booked it for us, but wasnt able to make it. So the rest of us had loads of fun!

It was so funny cos all the way there we were making silly jokes, like how the name of the restaurant was very original, because it was named after its address (which is a pretty common thing here no?)

and that since Table 66 is a restaurant that serves Modern European cusine, then RM (who is from London) is a true blue Modern European will be the one who can fully appreciate it?!

haha. fun.

Really good complimentary bread. This onion bun was soft, slightly crusty, warm and delicious. I think the standard of bread has really improved in recent years. Amazing.

For all of us. Each had an individual serving of butter, a thin slice but just right. Hate it when it's too much, what a waste.

we shared a sous vide egg with iberico ham grilled asparagus and hollandaise sauce. Because MOKY bought a sous vide machine and has been making sous vide eggs at home. And we wanted to try it out.

Then we each ordered a wild mushroom soup with truffle croutons chives and fresh cream.

We all also ordered the same thing - grilled beef tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes, cherry tomatoes and beans.

The dessert of the day was a passionfruit tart with raspberry mousse. very tart.

All that for $25! Dont you love Restaurant Week?