Monday, June 27, 2011

Hungry in Hungary

I miss you readers just as much as you miss me... Yes, all 3 of you, you know who you are. (DH is not included in this list btw, he doesnt even come here, we can talk about DH to our hearts' content, yayy!)

So he brought me to Hungary and France. Sort of like a 2nd honeymoon almost. It was romantic and lovely and we could talk and hold hands and do all the stuff that we did before kids came along. We missed the kids so much of course... but it was soo good to be adults again. and not just parents. And he spoilt me rotten. We went everywhere I wanted to go, and we ate everything that I wanted to try.. and everything that I wanted, even if it was just a random comment, he bought. He was determined to make it a wonderful holiday for me... and he indulged me excessively! And he refused even a tiny gift!! We were at LV and he bought me 2 things (shan't tell you what) from there... and I wanted to sneak some cufflinks for him.. but he caught me and flatly refused..

We did loads of touristy things.. and ate at only touristy places like Champs Elysee, Eiffel Tower, St Stephen's Basilica.. This will be the one holiday that I will remember forever.. it's even better than my 1st honeymoon... honest! We were older and had been working long enough to afford luxuries that we other wise wouldnt have... and it was so so amazing.

first meal of macaron, in transit from Paris to Budapest

Foie Gras, first meal in Budapest, in our hotel room.

traditional hunter's soup with tarragon and wild mushrooms

Paprika chicken with roasted potatoes, another hungarian traditional dish

Chocolate Almond Crepes, hot favourite.

This was our first dinner that we had in a hungarian restaurant near the hotel..

My hungarian bean soup, was basically tomato broth with beans and some ham. Tasty, but nothing very exciting.

DH's hungarian goulash tasted similar to the bean soup. Just with more savoury additions like meaty things. The last Hungarian speciality was a traditional fisherman's soup. It arrived looking the same as the other soups, but oh my, what a pong! It was made with some preserved fish, i think it was herring (because I saw it at the breakfast spread) and my my it was very very fishy! Think sardines made into a soup. We all couldnt take more than 1 sip.

DH had the recommended Dunacorso chicken steak with goose liver. Its a speciality of the restaurant and a traditional hungarian dish. It was interesting, but again, not really to our taste.

I had the river catfish stew with cottage cheese pasta. Also interesting.

River Cruise, against the Parliament House. We are so in love. with Budapest, and with each other. Can you tell?


ice said...

You're so blessed with a nice hub and beautiful children. (:

M. eats said...

i miss reading your posts. :) glad you had a great time in EU but welcome back to S'land.

DS said...

Yay to your new posts and pics! :) Yay to sweet and romantic 2nd honeymoon. You really deserve all the love! :)