Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sydney Eats

Hi Folks, sorry for the long hiatus!

I have been busy with relocation.

And now, here are the things that we have been eating...

Fresh seafood and fish at the iconic Sydney Fish Market:

Jordon's Seafood Restaurant at Darling Harbour:

Seafood Platter for 2, impressive looking, but freshness was only so so.

Our best restaurant experience so far, Wildfire at The Rocks (facing the Sydney Opera House):

Super ultra fresh oysters. You know how sometimes in Singapore when you eat oysters, even if they are fresh there is that metallic taste of the sea? Well, over here, it tasted Sweet! and Fresh and sublime! and no funny smell.

DH had the wagyu beef and I had the angus beef and they were both delicious.

We didnt find a marked difference between the 2, so we concluded that the wagyu didnt have a high marbling index and that the beef here in Aussieland is so good anyway it wasnt really necessary to upgrade.

Our souffle which was fluffy and delicious.. and because it was a hazelnut souffle it was super rich too. The other souffles that I have had (at Au Petit Salut) were all fruit ones (like passionfruit) so they tasted somewhat sour.

Lunchtime specials can be really cheap here. Here is our 9 dollar rumpsteak! What great value! Funny thing, the caesar's salad on the menu cost more - $14! They tell me, here in Aussieland, some things which we think should be more expensive are cheap and vice versa (like salads more ex than some meats, chicken breastmeat more ex than chicken drumsticks, fruits are super sweet and ch

And DH bought himself a new toy. We have been indulging in one capsule everyday.


ice said...

You've migrated vivien?

DS said...

The food looooooks YUMMY! Welcome back to blogging! Love you! :)

Chocolate Reindeer said...

Hi ice: we've moved to Sydney for a while, but we are still SG citizens so we'll definitely be back... miss Singapore food already!

DS: I love you lots too!! and miss you all!

Anonymous said...

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Jennie said...

Welcome back! I missed your updates. Am sorry to hear it will now be Sydney restaurants you're reviewing. Too far to visit (lah!).


Tamara said...

Great blog; happy I found you!very informative and great photography!