Monday, May 18, 2009

7ate9 @ Esplanade Mall #01-36

Finally, after several rounds of rescheduling, the girls managed to meet up for lunch! The last time we met was the French Kitchen lunch that PC hosted, which was in February!

I miss PC so very much, ever since she left for greener pastures, but I am happy that she is happy.

Anyway I am glad we 3 girls had lunch again together. PL had good news to share and I was so happy for her too. I hosted lunch this time and we went to 7ate9, where they are having a lunch unlimited promotion for SGD37++ (including free flow juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea). It was truly an enjoyable lunch, girl talk and great food.

The food is served tapas-style, and you can ask for repeats of anything that you particularly enjoyed.

I found the food light and nice, presentation was interesting and service was warm and polite. I had read some bad reviews online about the unaccommodating service, about taking photos etc. However, when I was there, I noticed the staff didn't prohibit photos, and they even helped to arrange the plates nicely if you want to take a photo.

Some of our favourites are below:

This was the first dish to arrive - tomato tart. It was served on a crisp parmesan cheese biscuit, held together by a white creamy cheese and topped with arugula leaves. Sinful, I bet, but utterly delicious. We asked for a repeat of this one!

This was a mousse of sorts, topped with caviar. Although it looked rich, it actually tasted quite light and healthy. Not bad but not superb.

This was tuna topped with sea urchin mousse (if I recall correctly). It was alright. I found the fish a little chewy, but it was nevertheless very fresh.

This was a visually stunning dish! We girls oohed and ahhed when it arrived. It was prawn and squid balls I think, served with a dip of wasabi mayo? It looked amazing, and tasted equally amazing. Can't go wrong with well-fried seafood balls, I imagine. These were light and crisp and fun to eat.

Beef on a hot stone. I think it was meant to be eaten slightly raw, because the stone wasn't really hot enough to cook the think slices of beef. It was an interesting concept though. We all enjoyed this.

This is more well cooked beef, served on a plate. It was a little chewy, but otherwise enjoyable. The tart and refreshing cooked apple on the side was fantastic though!

Ahh.. the well-reviewed risotto. I was told that the risotto here is quite a highlight. And it was good. This was the truffle risotto. Wow. It was really fantastically fragrant, with sliced truffle and mashed black truffle. We had a repeat order of this.

This was the an interesting satay skewer of macaron, raspberry jelly and cake. pretty good. I recall the jelly being surprisingly tart, in a good way.

The chocolate cake was well-received, which girl doesnt like chocolate?

We all agreed that this was the best dessert of all - banana mousse. Not too sweet, very fragrant and light and smooth.

Next one is on PL, she's going to take us to the White Rabbit!


Catherine said...

This looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

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