Monday, April 06, 2009

Tokyo Tastings part 3

It was really rather cold in Tokyo this week. Although the meteorological agency of japan announced that sakura (cherry blossom) season would start this week, we only saw some sakura blossoms, but they were not really blooming yet.

Glad I brought my suede coat, and leather boots. I am warm and comfy.

Day 2 Lunch

Sushi Lunch with our colleagues. As it was raining, we went to the shopping mall next to the office tower, in Roppongi. This is a popular sushi restaurant on the first floor, and there was a short queue.

I ordered a sushi set lunch. It cost about SGD25.

It is a long platter of sushi moriwase - 12 sushi and 3 maki. On the right, there were some cooked items, and some vegetable items (lady's finger and eggplant). from this end, I liked the ikura sushi (salmon roe) best.

On the left, there were various types of fresh fish. On this side, I liked the amaebi sushi (sweet raw prawn) best.

Day 2 Dinner
Our gracious japanese colleagues arranged a hanami dinner (ie sakura viewing dinner).

It was at a hotel, which had glass panelled windows facing their sakura garden, and we were offered a priceless view of the beautiful sakura trees. Too bad they were not in full bloom yet.

They ordered platters of japanese food to share. This was the starter platter - which had yakitori, octopus, beans, bamboo shoots. All very nice, if a bit cold.

we also had other things of course, but no photos, because the platters were too far away.

Day 3 Lunch

We went to the Ohsaki office today, instead of the Roppongi office. Lunch was at a pretty popular tonkatsu restaurant at the mall next to the office, Ohsaki Gates. There was, again, a queue. But everyone was very patient about it.

My yummy order of rosu katsu (pork loin) and beef burger with cheese set.

It was so delicious and light and crispy! Not greasy at all. I tried various combinations - with mustard, with yuzu dressing, with tonkatsu sauce (a bit vinegary). All delicious. The pork was tender and succulent, and had a little fat, which was what I wanted.

The restaurant offered various parts of the pig - and rosu had a little fat. Hire is another popular cut with the ladies I am told, and is a leaner cut.


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