Saturday, April 04, 2009

Tokyo Tastings Part 1

I was forced to go to Tokyo last week for work. Forced, I tell you. They had to drag me to the airport, kicking and screaming.

Well, on one hand, I was loathe to leave my 3 babies (Cutie, Sweetie and DH). On the other hand, it was sakura season and I miss Japanese food. It was a tough battle. To complicate matters, that was the week that MIL, DM and DH were also planning to go overseas (MIL - wednesday, DM - Saturday, DH - Sunday). And I was due to fly on monday night, returning on Friday morning. So this needed some careful planning. So it all worked out, the kids stayed with MIL on Monday and Tuesday, and with DM on Wednesday and Thursday (The kids usually spend alternate weekdays at DM's in the day, but go home to sleep at night).

Conversation with DH went like this:

Me: Looks like I have to go to Tokyo next week, the rest of the project team don't want to postpone the trip.

DH: (nonchalantly) Ok Dear.

Me: So the kids how? Your mom going to China on Wednesday!

DH: I dunno, but I will be studying. (emphatically) very busy.

Me: You ok with Por Por taking care of the kids for those 2 days?

DH:Ok. I also stay with Por Por?

Me: (incredulously) You also need Por Por to take care of you?

DH: Then who is going to take care of me when you are away? (sad wail)

So there you go. my 3 babies really really need me.

It was a nice trip and I bonded well with my colleagues. They were all great fun and we all enjoyed japanese food very much. Usually work trips for me are very quiet and boring and I don't venture out too much. I go back to the hotel before 9, and I read and sleep. This time, with a team of 3 others, we ended up eating out a lot and trying different things. On our last night, we actually had 2 dinners because we couldnt decide between shabu-shabu or yakitori (so we had both).

On Friday, I couldn't wait to get back to the kids, but the rest of the team extended their trip over the weekend.

More on what we ate, coming up. Arigato Gozaimasu.

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