Saturday, November 08, 2008

Beef and Beef

DH recently discovered this beef place which sells excellent grades of beef, so we have been eating lots of it..

He bought this sliced beef karubi for our hotplate dinner... it's called full blood blackmore wagyu beef. It supposed to be beef 100% Japanese black cows without any other breed introduced to its bloodlines (therefore full blood)with a marbling grade of 9+, the highest possible grade.

400 g of this beef cost DH $170. Just look at the beautiful marbling.

It smelt soooo good as it sizzled on the hotplate... You dont need to cook it for too long... and then it just melts in your mouth... ooh delicious.



DH also bought some USDA grain fed aged ribeye home... at about $40 for a slab of 200g, this was cheaper than the grade 9 wagyu.

It tasted very good, very beefy, if you get what I mean.

The guys at the shop can marinate and season the meat for you too. DH chose salt and pepper so that we could truly appreciate the natural taste of the beef. Eaten with a simple salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, it was a hearty and filling meal.

Thanks to my cute chef.


Time really flies, Cutie is now almost 3 (he turns 3 at the end of this month), so we have decided to send him to school...

Look at Cutie in his uniform!

He shows me the caterpillar he coloured at school... and it says I love mummy on the top right hand corner.

My little boy is growing up!


Sweetie is also growing well. She is happy and cheerful... and we are really thankful for this new addition to our family.

Cutie loves his sister, and is always trying hug her, kiss her and/or make her laugh. Here they are together. My pride and joy.


M. said...

Oh mine! Can I say, the last picture of your 2 children is so a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e? You are so blessed :)

Chocolate Reindeer said...

thanks Mia dearie!