Monday, October 13, 2008

Chiara @ Robertson Quay

DH and I had our first real date about 2 months after Sweetie was born... Thanks to Por Por who kindly agreed to babysit on short notice!

We went to Chiara at Robertson Quay, and it was a newly opened restaurant, without much hype... I was surprised to find that, after I ate there, many reviews of this restaurant then popped up... in the Straits Times, Business Times etc... So Funny! That day, I bumped into fellow foodblogger, The Skinny Epicurean after my meal... and later, when I went home and read her latest blog post, realised that she had also just eaten at Chiara! Super coincidence!

Our complimentary bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I liked the little olives that they also provided... DH loves olives...

As you can tell, we are really glad to have some couple time to ourselves!

The food here is really nice and affordable, we both went for the set lunch, which had very nice stuff, and it cost us only about 28 each.

DH had to top up a bit more for his starter of foie gras... but it was still very affordable. The foie gras was nice.. and I stole quite a bit of his portion. I dont know how come there are bubbles on the dish though, don't ask me why.

My starter of beef carpaccio came with mushrooms, shaved parmesan cheese and rocket - all my favourites - with a very refreshing dressing (I think it was tangy yet slightly sweet). I was very happy.

I had a main of gnocchi with veal ragout... a tad salty but nice nevertheless. The gnocchi had a nice chewy texture and wasn't too floury. My only gripe was that the portion was too small.. I am sure it wouldnt have been enough for a guy with a normal appetite...

DH had the tagliatelle carbonara. The cream sauce was nice, but the pasta was overdone and not al dente. DH didnt mind though and didnt send it back.

DH chose their typical Italian dessert of tiramisu, which was nice too, not too sweet or heavy, but with a lingering coffee fragrance. Portion again a little small.

My dessert of panna cotta came topped with refreshing berries and other fruit. This panna cotta's texture was just right, not stodgy, not too light. The fruit were a perfect complement to the panna cotta. I gobbled this up very quickly, and wished there was more.

All in all, I was very happy to be here, and I really enjoyed my short date with DH. I am looking forward to the next one... which hasn't happened yet!


M. said...

what a coincidence - we ended up at canele as well :)

Chocolate Reindeer said...

I know... it's amazing how great minds think alike! :)