Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weekend Eatings

Seafood International Market and Restaurant @ East Coast Park

Playground @ Big Splash is very child friendly with lots of kiddy things to do, like ride on motorised scooters for SGD2 (5 minutes).

This restaurant faces the open area where the kids ride, so it was ideal for us, while Cutie spent our hard earned SGD10 on a 3o min ride.

Fried Rice - SGD 16 - this was fried with crab meat. It was ok. Cute shape, but otherwise unremarkable.

Peking Duck - SGD48 - We waited a really long time for this, can you imagine? They asked us how we wanted our duck meat to be served and as there is a 10 surchargfe if they cooked it with noodles, we said, just cut it up and serve it. After a 20 min wait, they served the Peking duck all chopped up like at any roast duck stall in Marine Parade.. We're like: "??!!" where is the peking duck skin? If I wanted to eat roast duck I could go anywhere and eat it for SGD20 what? So we sent it back. Another 20 min later, our duck arrived, correct this time, but we were ravenous! They served the skin with pastry made with egg, it was yellow in colour and a bit tough. We like the steamed round white pastry things better.

All in all, nothing fantastic, but maybe we didn't order the right things, this is a Seafood restaurant after all.

La Forketta @ Dempsey Road

We came here on a Sunday afternoon so that Cutie could play at Go Go Bambini's... he hadn't been there for some time so we decided to give him a little treat. This was before our trip to Tasmania, and before the HFMD thing proliferated. We haven't been near this place since the HFMD epidemic started.

Generally the food was ok, but a bit heavy. The wait staff were however, very clueless about service. I asked for a table, and she said yes there is a table available but please wait as we set it up. See, the thing is, their maitre'd counter is set up OUTSIDE the restaurant, where it is hot and sweltering. There were some seats inside the restaurant, obviously meant for waiting customers, BUT instead of ushering us inside to wait, she stood there like a statue, blocking our way in. Finally, in exasperation, I asked whether she minded if we waited inside, since it was in the prime heat of the afternoon sun and I had a baby with me. I can't imagine why I would need to tell her this. Basic service standards are lacking here!

Appetiser Platter

Pretty generous selection, and I liked pretty much everything.

I ordered the canonnelli. The cream sauce was too rich for a hot day. So, not really enjoyable.

The pizza that DH ordered. We always order the parma / proscuitto with rucola (wild rocket) but that is getting boring, so we tried this one, with olives and artichokes. Interesting vegetable, the artichoke. I understand only the heart is edible, thereby making it so expensive. This was pickled, and tasted quite nice.

I can't remember how much this meal cost, but I do remember it being very hot, even when seated inside. Maybe because the place had lots of glass windows, causing a greenhouse effect.

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