Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weekend Eatings

Lunch on Friday - Frens(c)h @ Vivocity

I had a late lunch, and wanted something quick and light. This was from the French Cafe, and their tagline is Fresh and French - that's why they have that witty name.

I always go for the Avergnate, as it has everything I like - mesclun, mushrooms, ham, blue cheese and croutons.

Lunch on Saturday

I've been saying that I want to eat crab for some time... but there was just no chance for us to hit a crab joint..

Anyway, DH goes to work on Saturday morning and then calls home to ask what our lunch plans were. As it turned out, I hadn't made any lunch plans, so his options were to buy lunch home for both of us, or I could run out and buy something from the nearby eateries.

DH promises to buy something home. "Nothing too spicy!" I reminded him... I felt like I had a sore throat coming on.

DH returns with: Crab Bee Hoon Soup from a famous shop in Balestier and Herbal Jelly (Gui Lin Gao) from Original Herbal Shop in Balestier.

They were super yummy! The crab bee hoon was full of umami sweetness and the herbal jelly slid down my throat smooth as silk. I didn't take any photos because I was too busy gobbling the food up.

He bought crab bee hoon soup because he knew I'd been craving crab, but shouldn't eat anything with pepper or chilli because of my sore throat... and then bought herbal jelly to soothe the throat... Isn't DH such a sweetie?

He does the sweetest things when I least expect it... :)

Dinner on Sunday - Roland's Restaurant - Marine Parade Central

Anyway, the lunch was fantastic... so much so I wanted more of this crab bee hoon... so the following day, for dinner, we went to Roland's Restaurant @ Marine Parade Central #06-750. It's pretty old school and the furniture is garish, but the food is consistently good, and I have always liked it very much.

Signature Honey BBQ Pork Ribs (SGD8.80) - It's rather expensive, but it's very meaty and smoky tasting.

See, it's not fatty at all.. it's just tender meat.

Home-Made Tofu (SGD12) - Super Good, it's wobbly and tasty and slippery. I can taste the soya beans. Loves.

My small bowl of crab bee hoon (SGD28 for 1 claypot with 1 crab, good enough for 3) - it's full of roe and is oh so sweet. Loves.

And then, to replicate my sweet lunch of the day before - Gui Lin Gao (Herbal Jelly). Not as good as the one that DH bought for me from Balestier... not as herbal tasting. But it costs only SGD5, whereas the Balestier one cost SGD10!

Monday Dessert - Donut Factory

DH is super sweet these days. Look, he bought donuts home for dessert. I like the ones with nuts and chocolate.

DH wonders how a donut can be called a donut if there is no hole in the middle.

DM didn't fancy these donuts, she thinks its full of processed sugars and preservatives and bicarbonates. Donuts in her time didn't use to have such a soft texture, so she is very suspicious. She reckons that they add bicarbonates to the donut flour and then have to mask the taste with lots of extra sugars and cream. She said her tongue was stinging after a few bites, which confirms her suspicions. DM is a kitchen sleuth.

Typical Activities

Usually, after dinner, DH, Cutie and I go for a walk. We used to walk to the petrol station nearby or to the community centre across the road. But since Cutie really loves buses and all other large vehicles like garbage trucks and fire engines, we now take a bus (must be double-decker!) to the shopping centre nearby (3 bus stops) and then walk around the supermarket, and buy some groceries.

We then end our excursion with a short stop at McDonald's with an ice cream cone for Cutie. Once, Cutie accidentally knocked his cone over, and DH said, uh oh no more. too bad. You should have seen poor Cutie! His eyes turned red, the corners of his mouth drooped and his heartbroken wail was so sad... DH can be so tough on Cutie sometimes. He cried and cried... Anyway I told Cutie, it was an accident right, so you have to be more careful... let's see if daddy will get you another one. Daddy did, in the end... but sigh, I wish it could have been less traumatic.

here are my 2 favourite boys, waiting for the bus!

Cutie at home, he's still in his pajamas, so I think he must have just got up.

And here is video of Cutie, taken maybe just after he turned 2. He can spell lots of words now. Here are some of them.


Chandelier said...

Yo! I enjoyed reading ur entries..especially those on food :) :) :)

And yes Cutie is so sweet :) haiz...really inspire me to have a kid too...

Chocolate Reindeer said...

Chandelier: Haha thanks! I am sure Van Van keeps you very busy already!




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