Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Various Random Meals at Different Places

Porridge Breakfast

My friend from the office usually eats at Maxwell food market before coming to the office... and today he kindly bought chicken porridge for me... from the famous stall with long queues - Zhen Zhen porridge!

The porridge was smooth and slurpy and the preserved veg on top made this very tasty.

Lunch at Banquet Food Court, Harbourfront Centre

When I eat at Banquet, I almost always eat the nasi padang, which is the best stall there because of its wide selection, tasty and freshly cooked dishes and reasonable prices.

The above costs just SGD4.50. I usually eat the exact same thing: beef lung, chili eggplant and chili cuttlefish. It's spicy, but not overwhelmingly so and the gravy is different for each dish, so there is a variety.

Paktor Dinner at Old Airport Road Food Centre

DH and I went for a paktor dinner, but I cannot remember why. Maybe we just decided to go for an impromptu one. Anyway this was some time back, before the Tasmania trip, so I think it's high time we had another one.

Maybe this friday, but I am a little stretched at work right now, so I am rather grumpy and not very good company.
I couldn't decide what to eat because all the good / famous food stalls seem to have closed. I guess it's because their business is so good they are sold out by lunchtime.

This is Lao Fu Zi Char Kway Teow. Also rather famous I believe. I liked it but I really don't enjoy eating one plate of char kway teow to myself. I prefer to share it with a few others and eat something less heavy and oily but no choice. DH doesn't really care much for this.

DH queued up for wanton mee from Hougang.

I thought it was ok only. The sauce was sweetish and the noodles were not that springy.

He bought extra fried wontons (SGD2) which we couldnt finish. I don't like deep fried things much. These were very crispy, because there was little filling, and so the wonton skins were crunchy.

I bought ngor hiang (SGD2) gto share also. We both like the white cracker best, but didn't care for the sausage thing.

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