Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What I've been doing...

Oh I have been so busy, I haven't been able to update my blog much!

Sorry people!

I have been too busy to eat very well, since I am working on several projects at once... luckily there are always fruits in the pantry... This was my snack... juicy jambu and scrumptious strawberries... very enjoyable and healthy.

Weekend Activities

The good thing about my job is that weekends are sacrosanct and I never ever work on weekends. DH and I take Cutie out, to do fun stuff on weekends and I know Cutie looks forward to our time together.


When the weather is nice and warm, we like to go swimming at Por Por's condo pool... doesn't he look adorable in his new scuba suit... He just outgrew the other one...

He's a bit grumpy here cos he doesn't want to pose for pictures, he wants to go swimming!

He looks so happy after his swim, with a glass of apple juice!

Driving Remember this? We used to be able to do this for 50 cents or 1 dollar at places like the open area outside Toa Payoh Library etc... Anyway, this is the Bedok South market, opposite temasek JC. We eat dinner, and Cutie drives around in a motorised car. Due to inflation and the rising costs of fuel... it now costs SGD2 for 10 minutes.

Cutie was pretty happy in his red convertible, then don't know how come, he ended up on a blue motorbike, and as he did a hairpin turn, he fell off, but didn't injure himself too badly. Sure, he cried... but only cos he didn't want to go home yet... He said he wanted to ride on the blue motorbike again... what a plucky little fella.


This is like, a darn expensive playgym / playground for kids, but it has its appeal since it's clean and padded and comfortable and airconditioned. We pay SGD8 for 1 hour of fun. But Cutie really likes the place... he asks to go there every weekend. He remembers all the songs he sings there and repeats them when we get home... And he really likes Gymbo the Clown too, picture above.

Me: What name shall we give Mei Mei?

Cutie: Gymbo!

Me: (Appalled) What? No no no!

Cutie: It's very nice you know!

Me: -_-"

I shall leave you with a video of Cutie having fun at gymboree.

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